· Trust works like medicine. Dialogue, commitment, dedication and professionalism in personal interaction are the framework of containment, we are in direct contact with each person who opens the personalized path focused on visionary teachings and integration dynamics.

· «Integrating» means completing a whole, finishing forming something. Incorporate what is missing. Understand. We are incomplete, fragmented, unfinished, divided, excluded and separated. IT’S TIME TO RECONCILE.

· Be part of the PRIVATE GROUP of CONSCIOUS SCHOOL and share with participants from all over the world in the same journey towards harmony, well-being and the true potential of our essence.

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When the exterior enters and the interior leaves, a connection takes place that gives rise to the beginning of a process of internal evolution.

When the exterior enters and the interior leaves, a connection takes place that gives rise to the beginning of a process of internal evolution.

What we call “integration” within the environment of personal development, is a process guided by the word, dialogue and psycho-emotional and bodily dynamics that aims to bring in what has happened outside (internalize and understand) and bring out what it has happened within (externalize and put into practice). Integration is bidirectional, since the life environment that we have must enter our hearts to reconcile us, and from our soul we can take away the treasures that we discover within to share what we are with others. The interior of each one is the nucleus where what comes from outside arrives and from where what is going to be expressed comes out. To integrate is to accompany that process of inner evolution. Engagement and bonding are vital parts of the process.

Facilitate medical support applied to health and well-being from the comprehensive intelligence that unites ancient ancestral experiences, the latest scientific and physical advances, with the philosophical and mystical wisdom present in human evolution. All this gives rise to a transformation technology tailored to each human being.

The appearance of questions and answers, doubts, unresolved aspects, conditioning, hidden conflicts or hurts of the past, what we call LIMITATIONS, which are installed INSIDE, and which may be more or less hidden or create different types of suffering that manifest themselves many ways: addictions, anxiety, anguish, depression, demotivation, unhappiness, relationship and health problems, etc. But also, making this journey inwards enables us to make a deep connection with our interior, providing us with a vision of the infinite potentiality that we human beings have; when potentiality is glimpsed is when we reconnect and recognize the purest and most original values with which we are born, as if we saw our BEING. It is our treasure, which is beyond the limitations that reign in our lives.

Every elevated and/or deep connection needs an interface to adapt to real life. Transform it into facts. The concept of «Integration» was born from the need to reorganize the emerging content within people where expanded states of consciousness occur and their consequent internal mobilization. All that appears in these integration sessions are invaluable materials, when they are observed, recognized and ordered, they can be used on a personal level for your own happiness.

“Magic manifests itself before the possibility of reaching a deep understanding about matters of daily life. The soul is reborn, the heart opens, creativity is released, love flows. ”

Alberto José Varela, founder of the Inner Evolution Method and the Conscious School


Once you have made the payment, please send proof of payment by email to, indicating your name and surname. This way your place will be reserved. If in addition to attending this activity if you are interested in going to any other events that we organise around the world, please consult us for upcoming dates.

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