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The Conscious School is an innovative and multidisciplinary place, in which understanding is used as a creative system to be able to go in depth in each person, in his needs and interests, in his reality and condition, with the aim of providing the tools that allow them to create or redesign their lives through a process that we call Support and Accompaniment in Inner Evolution Processes. This delicate management, as subtle as it is of great impact in people’s lives, has a positive influence in all areas of life, everyday life, on a personal, professional, family and professional level ”. Alberto José Varela

Become an Integrator!

A new life project intertwined with professional activity.

Enter the first TECHNOLOGY FOR HUMAN TRANSFORMATION, transferred from the Conscious School through a Method that is spreading throughout the world. This requires specially trained people; it is not just a matter of university degrees, or experience in personal development, or of people who think they are special or talented, it does not even depend on the entrepreneurial force that leaders can have, but also to open up from the heart to an innovative proposal.

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Contact our International Team to receive all the personalized information. Discover the essence of our method, its premises and foundations, its objectives and future plans, the creators and teachers, the 12 houses we have in the Americas and Europe, and the retreats we host in more than 30 countries. Take the leap that your soul wants and transform your destiny!

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Start your TRAINING WITH THE INITIAL CYCLE ONLINE comfortably from home and with all the support of our team of trainers: 1. Enriching your potential and refining the work style you do in personal development, self-knowledge and inner evolution sector. 2. Being part of an interdisciplinary team of facilitators, mentors and teachers of the Conscious School® in ongoing activities that offer different work options internationally. 3. Carrying out a process of personal improvement, creativity development, transformation of your life model or realization of a new personal project.

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WELCOME TO YOUR NEW DESTINY! To an innovative life, which can take you inside, to your well-being, and all around the world; and that is also lighting the path ahead in a surprising way to thousands of people. Now is the time to understand the support and accompaniment we need as humanity to realize this wonderful path, in the largest international organization of the awakening of consciousness.

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