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Description of the course

It all started when I began to realize that everything I had and did wasn’t making me happy. Things did not satisfy me deep inside of me. This is how I went to many places, I read so many books, I searched in people and situations, in countries and cultures, in religions and philosophies, in seminars and therapies, at work, family, friends and in materialism too, why what not?, in pleasure and lust; in thinking, doing and feeling even; I was searching and searching without knowing very well what I was looking for. I wasn’t even aware of what I was looking for, but it didn’t matter, I kept looking; until one day I realized THAT something was looking for, I located the object of my search…

To find what is not found in any search method, you have to go out of the ways of searching that we already know. To search out of the known you have to get out of the pre-established schemes; the unknown could not be accessed with known methods; You cannot be a free seeker in a line of thought, locked in a religion, enslaved in beliefs or fanaticisms, anchored in a certain way of thinking; The first thing that is required is to become a spiritual wanderer. – Alberto Varela

Main topics


The Conscious School

A school for everyone, where you learn what nobody can teach you. To our Holistic Epicenters, located in natural environments in Europe and America, come people from all over the world with the imminent need to comprehend and change their realities.

Everyone brings their questions and concerns; because something they want to get or solve.
The processes open in a warm, welcoming, and intimate space, which invites to reveal the profound issues of each person.
What is said is related to what happens to all of us to shed light on the search that unites us.
Each person has a step to take right now in their life. It is a moment of deep reflection.
Group dynamics support the INNER movement of each participant.
We get to know us, share, and accompany each other in these moments of INNER exploration.
We arrive with a life full of complex situations that, when integrated, are transformed into joy and creativity.

In the Conscious School encounters, you can reach in a short time the most important comprehensions, and get to integrate aspects of you that have the power to transform your life.

The Inner Evolution Method®

A true engineering work that allows to create a solid and resistant structure through which we will travel to meet the unknown. Observe your way to face what happens to you, how you interact with yourself, and the reality you experience. The intention of the Conscious School is to provide the space required to live from our true essence and apply it in our lives, in everything we do and in our relationships. It is a seed that nourishes confidence, freedom and love that we are sowing in the heart of thousands of people around the world. NO REJECTIONS, NO TRIALS, NO CONDITIONS to stop us. All together sailing on the same river of evolution, flowing into the sea of ​​consciousness, letting go of the past to open the heart to trust.

Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 2 weeks


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