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Course Description: Module 1 Cycle 2 Milan, Italy

The dream of being awake is the most exquisite dream that our mind creates to avoid real awakening. That is why I said at the beginning that there are many healing methods that have been created, designed and taught by sleeping people, people who are even recognized as “awake” by “sleeping” followers.

There are many healing and spiritual healing methods for sleeping people, and they work wonderfully, they are very effective in preventing people from waking up, or in postponing the decision to wake up; that is why they specialize in keeping them asleep, sleepy, even making them dream that awakening has happened or can happen. But they are still sleeping.

It is logical that most people want to continue sleeping, it is the most comfortable, safe, satisfactory, and the least confronting. I can assure you because I have lived it, it is a very pleasant thing to turn around and around in bed a thousand times before I really woke up to start a new day of life. The sheets are warm, soft and the pillow is so nice, that at that moment we use a thousand excuses not to get up. That’s why I affirm that it is logical that the human wants keep sleeping, because if you woke up you would have to start seeing things differently, you would have to face the responsibilities and daily tasks, which is much less comfortable and pleasant than staying in bed. Alberto José Varela

In the spiritual sense, human beings do not want to wake up because that would mean opening their eyes wide to see, opening their hearts to feel, going through life knowing what it is and what is in it. Waking up is letting the light in so that everything lights up. Waking up is giving up the old vision of reality, a distorted and partial vision. Waking up is opening up to a change in perception, it is disbelieving what the eyes see to see beyond; is to recognize that there is more, much more, behind what the eyes see. And those visions make us uncomfortable because they make us rethink the model of life that we have built to live comfortably.

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This MODULE 1 begins a journey back to your true being. Blooming is to make a journey towards the infinity that begins with the decision to open ourselves up to everything. Opening the heart. The expansion of consciousness depends on the openness we have towards life, others, the world and what we have to go through. It contains classes about the main topics regarding this path of inner evolution.

The first thing to understand is that expansion and consciousness are the same. Or said in a dual way: they are two sides of the same coin. Expansion is the outer face of consciousness, and consciousness is the inner face of expansion. The expansion unfolds in the infinity of non-space and consciousness in the eternity of non-time. Both are non-material and non-linear, so they do not belong to space or time, but they are the product of space-time being born, that is, they are beyond those who created them.

The Inner Evolution Method®

A true engineering work that allows to create a solid and resistant structure through which we will travel to meet the unknown. Observe your way to face what happens to you, how you interact with yourself, and the reality you experience. The intention of the Conscious School is to provide the space required to live from our true essence and apply it in our lives, in everything we do and in our relationships. It is a seed that nourishes confidence, freedom and love that we are sowing in the heart of thousands of people around the world. NO REJECTIONS, NO TRIALS, NO CONDITIONS to stop us. All together sailing on the same river of evolution, flowing into the sea of ​​consciousness, letting go of the past to open the heart to trust.

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