Course Description: Module 1 Cycle 3 Milan, Italy

“It is very rare that someone wants to change.” Osho. Great masters of all time have proposed in a thousand and one ways that people change, all of them knew of the deep and unconscious resistance to leaving what is comfortable, safe and known; aware of the difficulty humans have in making changes, they have given hopeful and enthusiastic messages, and have created all kinds of techniques to inspire and facilitate change, but the millions of people who have had access to them and their proposals, in the vast majority have only made changes so that everything remains the same. Still there have been a few, but very few who have dared to truly change.

The change that teachers have always referred to is a transcendent change, a true transformation. It is about making a sequence of changes so significant and profound that the person is no longer recognizable in psycho-emotional terms, in his gestures, in how he behaves, how he breathes, eats, sleeps, walks, speaks or responds. But all those external changes, when they manifest and are sustained in time, is because they come from an internal transformation. It has been called THE ALCHEMY OF THE INTERNAL OR THE ALCHEMY OF TRANSFORMATION. Let’s get into this engineering of human change.

Inner evolution is a change management that operates in the will. It is unnatural and involuntary that we do not want to change. Everything is changing in the universe, everything is evolving, but people refuse to change the way of being, and with them we disconnect from the most powerful energy that exists, THE ENERGY OF TRANSFORMATION. Not wanting to change is as absurd as it is tragic, but we cannot see or recognize it. Therefore, it is necessary to make an initial and basic change in the WANTING.

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Description of the Training Cycle

This MODULE 1 begins a journey back to your true being. Blooming is to make a journey towards the infinity that begins with the decision to open ourselves up to everything. Opening the heart. The expansion of consciousness depends on the openness we have towards life, others, the world and what we have to go through. It contains classes about the main topics regarding this path of inner evolution.

The first thing to understand is that expansion and consciousness are the same. Or said in a dual way: they are two sides of the same coin. Expansion is the outer face of consciousness, and consciousness is the inner face of expansion. The expansion unfolds in the infinity of non-space and consciousness in the eternity of non-time. Both are non-material and non-linear, so they do not belong to space or time, but they are the product of space-time being born, that is, they are beyond those who created them.

The Inner Evolution Method®

A true engineering work that allows to create a solid and resistant structure through which we will travel to meet the unknown. Observe your way to face what happens to you, how you interact with yourself, and the reality you experience. The intention of the Conscious School is to provide the space required to live from our true essence and apply it in our lives, in everything we do and in our relationships. It is a seed that nourishes confidence, freedom and love that we are sowing in the heart of thousands of people around the world. NO REJECTIONS, NO TRIALS, NO CONDITIONS to stop us. All together sailing on the same river of evolution, flowing into the sea of ​​consciousness, letting go of the past to open the heart to trust.

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