To drop what does not work


Course Description: Module 1 Cycle 4 Milan, Italy

Faced with this human and individual reality, life and its circumstances are concerned with making us feel that something essential is not working, that something is EVERYTHING. And we verify this in the fact that we cannot put in place any internal mechanism that can take us out of crises or imbalances. The well has gotten deep and we don’t know how to get out. The tsunamis that come to us over and over again overwhelm and collapse us, and when we are about to drown we are ready to ask for help or seek a solution. Getting to the limit works wonders because there is nowhere to go.

Given the deep anguish and dissatisfaction that they feel, many people go out to look for something or someone to give them an answer or solution to what happens to them, and of course they look for all kinds of things outside of themselves that can fix their lives. The internal has disappeared, there is only a shallow idea that there is an interior, you can only think about it or create an idea of ​​what that interior space can be, but not because of it you can live from there.

As a consequence, what is offered to solve problems are external options, for example: belonging to a religion, doing therapy, being part of some spiritual group, following a teacher, consulting a guru; practicing yoga, Tantra or meditation, taking mystical trips, and even taking all kinds of shamanic medicines, everything is a fantasy created by the external wanting to get us out of the hole of impotence in which we are.

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Description of the Training Cycle

This MODULE 1 begins a journey back to your true being. Blooming is to make a journey towards the infinity that begins with the decision to open ourselves up to everything. Opening the heart. The expansion of consciousness depends on the openness we have towards life, others, the world and what we have to go through. It contains classes about the main topics regarding this path of inner evolution.

The first thing to understand is that expansion and consciousness are the same. Or said in a dual way: they are two sides of the same coin. Expansion is the outer face of consciousness, and consciousness is the inner face of expansion. The expansion unfolds in the infinity of non-space and consciousness in the eternity of non-time. Both are non-material and non-linear, so they do not belong to space or time, but they are the product of space-time being born, that is, they are beyond those who created them.

The Inner Evolution Method®

A true engineering work that allows to create a solid and resistant structure through which we will travel to meet the unknown. Observe your way to face what happens to you, how you interact with yourself, and the reality you experience. The intention of the Conscious School is to provide the space required to live from our true essence and apply it in our lives, in everything we do and in our relationships. It is a seed that nourishes confidence, freedom and love that we are sowing in the heart of thousands of people around the world. NO REJECTIONS, NO TRIALS, NO CONDITIONS to stop us. All together sailing on the same river of evolution, flowing into the sea of ​​consciousness, letting go of the past to open the heart to trust.

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