Our History

Our History

CONSCIOUS SCHOOL® was born in April 2015 in Alberto José Varela’s home in Madrid, with the publication of the Facebook page; it was then, however, in the oven of creativity for more than 2 years until September 2017, when the first class in Marbella, Spain was led by Alberto, its founder.

In 2019, and after touring dozens of countries, it proved to be destined to visit the whole world with a truly innovative approach. With more than 500 students from 5 continents, we have launched this VIRTUAL CLASSROOM as support and accompaniment for students.

Alberto José Varela

Alberto José Varela

Founder of Inner Mastery® . Ayahuasca International® . Conscious School®. European School of Ayahuasca®. Holistic Epicenter Network®.

Anything that I or others say about me is an interpretation, but your interpretation about me can be much more accurate than mine, I suggest you focus on your interpretation about me because it will be very useful for you, for your self-discovery. The lie is very useful as a path to the truth. You just have to know how to follow the signs and they take you straight to the truth.

Nobody is what they say they are, nobody is what they show themselves to be, nobody is what they seem to be, so we are in a social lie of enormous dimensions. But it is really wonderful to have encounters with human beings to get glimpses of what may be the truth.

Our Foundations

Our Foundations

TRANSFORMING is recognizing, confirming and proving that flourishing is possible whatever the circumstances.

COMPREHENSION is the backbone of the CONSCIOUS SCHOOL®, part of each class is dedicated to deepening into its meaning, knowing and having verified that when something or someone is understood, consciousness expands creating a new, free and unscheduled space, where the first outbreaks of human potentiality arise spontaneously.

We are not oriented to the transformation of “humanity” but “of the individual” who feels that need.

Our Training

The technique of No-Therapy®, with the Inner Evolution® method and the philosophy of life based on Transcendent Healing®, to play the Game of Comprehension®.
Find out more through our different training options.


Who you are? Remember your essence in 4-hour workshops: encounters offered by Alberto Varela, about the search for answers, solutions or outputs, which prepare group and individual consciousness to then perform together different creative dynamics that allow you to discover personal lies and a conscious integration of what is comprehended.


Delve into your inner evolution process and/or train as a Holistic Integrator. In addition to the activities of the workshops, other dynamics of self-knowledge and exploration of consciousness are carried out to locate ourselves in the time and space of the process in which we find ourselves. Contemplate the different seasons or waypoints that we go through in the processes of personal growth or spiritual awakening, and in understanding any of the situations, difficulties and opportunities that arise in life. Reclaim your power!

Einstein said: “The measure of intelligence is in the ability to change.”

For me: “The measure of human consciousness is in the level of predisposition to transformation.” But there is no possibility of transformation without inner evolution, nor can there be inner evolution without awakening of consciousness, nor is there the awakening of consciousness without going into the depths of oneself. The process has begun.

Now is the time to understand the support and accompaniment we need to make this wonderful journey.”

Alberto José Varela, Founder of the Conscious School